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Admission Requirements and Procedures

Admission is contingent upon the students:

  • Having completed 12 years of education at primary and high schools and having obtained a grade 12 certificate or equivalent by the Ministry of Education.

  • Being physically and mentally sound.

  • Not having been expelled from any other institution of learning on grounds of misconduct.

  • Not being enrolled in more than one institution of higher education (except open universities) concurrently.

Procedures of the Entrance Examination

          The Central University Admissions System (CUAS) is assigned to select the most suitable student candidates for admission to a state university (i.e. Maejo University) due to the limited number of seats available in each institution. Qualified students, seeking admission to public universities, must apply in person to the Central University Admissions System which is usually held in November. Results are given at the end of December. Applicants are entitled to apply to four different faculties at one or more universities of their choice. Those who pass the admissions have to undergo an interview, physical examination and aptitude test as required by some faculties.


Quota System and University Special Programs

          Maejo University uses a quota system to fill 70% of available places for each academic year from all high schools in the country. The University also admits higher vocational education certificate holders (those who have completed a 4 or 5-year vocational course after grade 9 or secondary school)

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