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Student Affairs

The Office of the Student Affairs under the main supervision of the Vice-President for Student Development and Alumni Relations coordinates the entire life of the students in the campus including their study program, accommodation, health and sports activities. This office also provides assistance to students, especially those with academic or personal problems, either upon request or upon reference by the university staff. It also assists students through counseling in various extra-curricular activities, education and career choices.
Likewise, under the supervision of the Office of the Student Affairs, Maejo University has its own student committees consisting of student organizations, academic, literary, social, cultural and athletic societies or clubs which promote student activities and talents. In recent years, Maejo University has been promoted as a University for Health, due to its numerous physical activities that lead to its students being physically healthy and sound. To support this, MJU makes available its Kanchanapisek Sports Complex housing one the largest gymnasia in the country, indoor and outdoor courts, and most recently, an Olympic sized swimming pool.
Moreover, as part of its strong tradition, MJU students actively participate as volunteers in local community development activities, particularly in highland communities.

Various scholarships, both from local and international donors, are awarded to poor but deserving students including those who remain in financial need. The Royal Thai Government through Maejo University is also providing funds for students to serve as loans to support themselves while studying. The program, which ensures the relevance (cost/investment) of university education with the hope of minimizing unemployment among university graduates, allows them time to acquire jobs and return back the low-interest loan. Nowadays, both undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for many scholarships at Maejo University.

At present, Maejo University has ten (10) buildings that serve as dormitories for students. Due to the limited number of dormitories available for all students, the majority of the older students are housed in private lodging located around the university. As a priority, MJU tries to provide full accommodation to new students. Dormitories are divided into: the international students’ dorm (Dorm 1); men’s dormitories (Dorm 2-6) and women’s dormitories (Dorm 7-10). The university has also a 2-storey Cowboy/Cowgirl Dormitory as part of the University Farm complex, which is provided for trainees.

Other Services
Maejo University also provides other forms of assistance to its university staff and students including a health service clinic with resident medical officers, sports facilities, several cafeterias, canteens and other smaller food outlets, a bookstore, a cooperative shop, an eight (8) internet building, a 24-hour security system, and many more.

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