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MJU’s Strategic Roadmap

2012-2017 Organic University

  • Organic Agriculture

  • Food security

  • Food safety

2018-2023 Green University

  • Green Tech & Innovations

  • Green Society

  • Balanced Development

2024-2029 Eco-University

  • Zero waste & Zero carbon

  • Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

  • Climate Smart Agriculture

Organic University Strategies (2012-2017)For the first five-year plan of Maejo University (MJU), the university is strategizing to be a leading university, especially in organic agriculture. Within the year 2017, MJU aims to become an organic university with strategies as follow:

  1. Having an Organic Agriculture Database

  2. Development of Organic Agriculture Researchers and Experts

  3. Creation of Organic Agriculture Curriculums

  4. Organic Food and Goods on/around Campus

  5. Production of Graduates Knowledgeable in Organic Agriculture

  6. Creation of Organic Agriculture-based Knowledge and Innovation

  7. Research Center for Organic Agriculture

  8. Networking & Leading in Organic Agriculture in ASEAN.

Green University Strategies (2018-2023)By the year 2023 or the next five years after being considered as an organic university, Maejo University (MJU) will further develop into and become a green university as strategized below:

  1. Development of Renewable Energy Researchers and Specialists

  2. Developing & Sharing Knowledge of and Innovation in Renewable Energy

  3. Promotion of Renewable Energy

  4. Reduction of waste disposal

  5. Raising Awareness of Environmental Conservation among Staff and Students

  6. Reduction of Carbon Emission

  7. Transformation of MJU to a Green University.

Eco-University Strategies (2024-2029)At the end of the fifteen year master plan or by the year 2029, Maejo University (MJU) will receive the status of an eco-university with the strategies as follows:

  1. Application of Sustainable Development in Each Link of Operation

  2. Introduction of Eco-Zone: Building/Spaces

  3. Promotion of 3Rs: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle

  4. Promotion of Renewable Energy

  5. Sharing Knowledge & Collaboration with the Community

  6. Fostering Social Conscience and Morality among Staff and Students

  7. Discipline, Morality, and Ethics.

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