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Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration is a new faculty that is licensed by the Department

of Business Administration and Agricultural Marketing and the Faculty of Agricultural Business.

It has conducted teaching since 1975.

Graduates in Business Administration serve the needs of the labor market and

continuously develop it locally and nationally. The first degree offered was in Agricultural

Technology with an Agricultural Administration Program. Following that, degrees were offered

in Business Administration with programs in Business Information Systems, Finance, and


Both 4-year degrees and 2-year degrees are offered. Later, graduate programs we’re

also added, including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Doctor of

Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration.

Website :   http://www.ba.mju.ac.th/
Produce graduates who can be valuable business managers for Thai agriculture-based society.

The faculty aims to be an institute that produces graduates who are qualified to be

business managers at the international level.


? Learning and teaching aspect:

o To produce graduates who possess knowledge and skills in professional

o To increase staff’s academic skills and positive attitude.

o To develop a modern efficient learning and teaching system.

o To provide and promote life-long learning.

? Researching aspect:

o To promote business-related or agricultural business-related research for

o To promote and support staff in the search for research funding and

o To establish research networks, and to integrate knowledge.

? Academic servicing aspect

o To develop business administration science for community.

o To be a knowledge center for business administration and agricultural

business administration.

staff in order to continually develop knowledge.


business at both local and global levels.

? Administrative aspect

o To establish and develop an efficient, effective, accountable and

o To promote and develop staff in order to continually increase knowledge

participatory administrative system.

in administration.

? Cultural conservation aspect

o To conserve and integrate culture with the lifestyle of the community and

o To promote culturally creative activities.

o To establish a database for conserving culture.

o To publish culturally-related and environmentally-related works.


  Faculty Programs
Doctor of Philosophy
Business Administration (Accounting)
Business Administration (Finance)
Business Administration (Management Information System)
Business Administration (Management)
Business Administration (Marketing)
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Business Administration
Business Administration
Business Information System
Master of Business Administration
Business Administration

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