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Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economic started initially as the Department of Economics and

Agricultural Cooperative in Faculty of Agricultural Business in 1980. At that time, the

department offered only the Bachelor of Economics program in Cooperative Economics. Since

March 20th, 2005, the department has promoted as Faculty of Economics upon the approval of

the University Council during its meeting (2/2548) on March 20th, 2007. It offers 4 degree programs

at the bachelor level (Economics, Agricultural Economics, Cooperative Economics and Environmental

Economics), 2 degree programs at an equivalent bachelor level (Cooperatives and Business

Economics), 2 degree programs at the masters level (Agricultural Economics and Cooperative

Economics) and 2 part-time master’s degree programs (Agricultural Economics and Cooperative

Economics – Bangkok Mobile Programs).

At present, the Faculty of Economics is undergoing quality assurance for education and

management system for internal control based on regulations by the committee for financial

assessment which has laid out the standards for internal control (2001).

Website :   http://www.econ.mju.ac.th/
Faculty of Economics aims to produce intelligent and capable graduates in the economic fields, and to have a part in developing a “Green Economy” in society.

Faculty of Economics aims to apply knowledge in applied economics to create a green



1. Train graduates to have ethical values and have the ability to apply economic

theory to any change in the country’s economic environment.

2. Research the body of literature in economics and applied economics in order to

develop a “Green Economy”.

3. Provide academic services in cooperation with other institutes at both national and

international levels.

4. Maintain art, culture, resource and environment conservation.

5. Improve the administrative system to be more efficient, effective and transparent.

  Faculty Programs
Doctor of Philosophy
Applied Economics
Bachelor of Science
Agricultural Natural Resources and Environmental Economics
Bachelor of Economics
Cooperative Economics
Master of Economics
Applied Economics

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