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Faculty of Liberal Arts

The Faculty of Liberal Arts started as Department of General Education, under

The Faculty of Agricultural Business. The department offers many subjects for all undergraduate

students in Maejo University. In 2005, The department was promoted to be a faculty. Now,

this faculty offers Bachelor programs in Community Management, Integrated Communication and

English, as well as a Master of Arts program in Social and Human Development.

Website :   http://www.libarts.mju.ac.th/
Social science and the humanities lead to the understanding of society, human qualities, arts and cultures, reasoning and communication, and to the prosperity of social and individual development.

To become a national-standard, learning-based organization in social science and the



1. To provide higher education in social science and the humanities that is able to

produce social changes both at local and global levels and to produce quality graduates.

2. To produce social science, humanities and inter-disciplinary research, and to build

academic cooperation and networks in both local and international regions.

3. To serve local communities with knowledge in social science and the humanities.

4. To promote the multiplicity of art and culture with an emphasis on agricultural

culture, and natural resources and environmental conservation.

5. To conduct effective administration with the principles of good governance.

  Faculty Programs
Bachelor of Arts
Community Management
Integrated Communication
Master of Arts
Social and Human Development

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