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School of Tourism Development

The School of Tourism Development was founded by personnel in the Department of

Tourism in support of Maejo University’s policy of promoting and establishing a School of Tourism.

Therefore, it was established as a separate agency from the Department of Agriculture in the

faculty of Agricultural Business, and was approved by the University Council.

In August 2005, personnel were transferred to the School of Tourism Development to

teach courses for 2 undergraduate degrees and 3 graduate degrees. Currently, the school offers

undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs in the field of tourism in order to meet the needs of

our learners and the tourism industry, which has been a major source of income for the country for

over 15 years. In developing the tourism industry, our staff also aims to instill a spirit of

conservation in our graduates, to preserve the nature and culture of Thailand, with a focus on

eco-tourism development rather than mass tourism which causes a negative impact on our culture

and natural resources.

Therefore, the School of Tourism Development aims to improve the tourism industry of

Thailand and contribute to the international ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by developing

graduates and staff with academic excellence in tourism, environmentally friendly attitudes,

and strong professional ethics, in order to be of continual benefit to the international tourism


Website :   http://www.tourism.mju.ac.th/
Success through wisdom

An excellent international education in Tourism Development


1. To produce graduates who possess an international standard of knowledge and skills

2. To research for knowledge in academic development, vocational recreation

in tourism development, tourism resource management and tourism servicing.

development and eco-tourism development to be well-known nationally and


that wants Thailand to be a world class destination.

conserve Thai culture and traditions.

3. To provide academic service for society in order to respond to governmental policy

4. To be an institute that emphasizes the importance of virtue and morality, and to

5. To be a school that possesses a participatory and team-working administrative system.

Community Services

The School of Tourism Development aims to support the Northern region to become a world

class destination. As such, it has set up the Maejo Welcome Center that serves as a source of

collected information that includes various academic achievements of MJU. Every visitor to the

university will have the opportunity to learn the comprehensive history and innovations of MJU

through exhibitions in the Center.

  Faculty Programs
Doctor of Philosophy
Tourism Development
Bachelor of Arts
Tourism Development (2 year)
Tourism Development (4 year)
Master of Arts
Tourism Development

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