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The 2nd International Conference On Global Initiatives for Sustainable Development: Issues and Strategies


Gochar Educational and Welfare Society, Saharanpur, India has organized this International Conference at Bangkok, Thailand from June 24- 25, 2019, Venue: Hotel, Howard Square Boutique, Bangkok, Thailand. Maejo University joined as a co-organizer. Acting President Dr. Weerapon Thongma played a role on Keynote Speaker and delivered an “Invited Speech” with a very interesting topic. Dr. Nattahwud Dussadee (Acting Vice President, MJU) performed as Guest of Honor. Dr. Rameshprabu Ramaraj (Assistant Dean of School of Renewable Energy, MJU) appointed as a Local Co-organizer and Dr. Yuwalee Unpapraom (Lecturer, Faculty of Science, MJU) served as a local convener.

This conference successfully carried within 5 main themes namely; Natural Resource Management for sustainable development; Crop weather, pest dynamics and innovative agronomic and breeding practices; Innovation in agriculture and allied sciences; Interdisciplinary innovations in basic sciences, life sciences, engineering, management and technology regarding sustainable development; New directions and innovations in humanities for sustainable development. Over 150 papers were received, and nearly 200 participants were joined from 15 countries. This conference is the ideal platform for the delegates to develop a close interaction among scientists, academicians, researchers, students, policy planners, etc. Moreover, MJU Acting President Dr. Weerapon Thongma was received “Life Time Achievement Award” for his outstanding contribution in “Ecotourism” field.


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